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 You are Joining an Existing Speedwatch Group

To find out if a Speedwatch group already exist near where you live, please select your police force from the dropdown list below. It will generate a new list of all the group operational areas, and as you select from the available options, you will eventually reach a final list of all the registered groups near to where you are seeking to join the scheme.

In some parts of the country there are quite a lot of groups operating in close proximity of each other. It is therefore important that you select the correct group initially. You can always request to be affiliated with another group later or once your account is activated but only after you have been accepted into your first choice group.

Even if you later move to another part of the UK which is also fully serviced by CSW Online, internal transfers to local groups in that new area is as easy as transferring to a neighbouring group in your current location.

Please choose your local Police Force from the list below then press 'Continue'.

Force Name

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