You are Creating a New Speedwatch Group

Assuming that you did not find an existing Community Speedwatch group covering your area to join, we welcome your initiative to form a new group.

On the following pages you will be guided through the process of establishing a CSW group in your own neighbourhood.

Whether you already have been in contact with your local Police or Council, the procedure of establishing a new group is the same. Many groups are initiated by local Community or Parish Councils; others through referrals from local authorities, but concerned individuals with no affiliation or contact to any of these organisations, but prepared to lead the initiative to address the problem of speeding themselves, are equally eligible to initiate the registration process.

Once you have completed the registration, all the provided information will be passed on to your local Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT). They will contact you subsequently to discuss your application, and if your group is approved, arrange for compulsory training courses, site approval, and further information if necessary to get the group up and running.

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