Jan is our Chief Executive and one of the cofounders of CSW Online. He leads the strategic development of our organisation and makes sure that all decisions are carried out efficiently. Contact with decision makers and negotiations with political, legal and business affairs predominantly constitutes his domain.

Simon is also a company director and the other cofounder of CSW Online. With a lifelong background in IT and working with security systems in the City, he is the backbone of programme development and daily system management, from structural architecture to complex algorithms.

Alexander's core involvement revolves around maintaining data transfer integration for Community Speedwatch Online. His area of expertise lies mostly within secure mobile platforms, wireless protocols, and a range of specialist functions related to API development and database optimisation.

Alan is in charge of Kent Police Speedwatch, with experience in Policing from the Specials to Community Involvement, he brings a wide range of knowledge and expertise to Kent's Speedwatch initiative.
If you wish to contact Alan please use our Contact Us page.

Steve is in charge of Sussex Police Speedwatch with many years of Community Speedwatch management experience under his belt, Steve is at the forefront of the implementation of new technology for Speedwatch in Sussex.
If you wish to contact Steve please use our Contact Us page.
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