Addressing the problem of speeding effectively is a team effort. Communities work together across boundaries with local and national authorities to reinforce the message that speeding is not acceptable. To maximize its full potential, Community Speedwatch needs reforming and unifying. A national organisation will ensure that everyone works to the same rules, standards and outcomes.
CSW Online is a gateway to enter this partnership and make consistent volunteering efforts worthwhile.

The Internet-based application is designed to alleviate a series of fundamental functionalities, which have proven detrimental to the successful longevity of Community Speedwatch schemes if not maintained. Group management and offence record handling, for instance, need to be made easy, efficient and reliable. The platform is therefore focussing on a range of functions.

They are:
  • establishing and maintaining watertight audit trails at all times
  • guaranteeing uniform procedures, rules and methodology
  • simplifying fast, relevant and rank differentiated access to - and dissemination of data, stats and information
  • providing data encryption of all information transmitted between - or stored in databases, either on par with online banking or higher
  • continuously developing and supporting a flexible supervision system that can assist group coordinators with group management, and Police and/or Road Safety organisations with traffic education and/or enforcement

Although the developed automation of Community Speedwatch activity from roadside to letterbox has maximised the elimination of human errors caused by incorrect observation and misinterpreted information, It is NOT a service to replace community volunteer involvement. CSW Online is a set of tools making pro-active volunteers' invested time and efforts efficient and worthwhile.
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