Organising Community Speedwatch activities efficiently is often a difficult and time-consuming task. Who is trained and available when? Who wants to work from which sites and be teamed up with whom? Who collects the equipment, gets the offence records logged, checks the accuracy, and feeds the results back to the group? Most often all this work rests with the Coordinators.
Before teams are out recording speeding vehicles; sites need to be identified, risk assessed and approved, operators need training, equipment booked, collected and checked. Operators need reminding, schedules re-checking and often changing. Moreover, at the end of the day, does it all make any difference to solving the problem of speeding?
The CSW Online platform organises all group-related activities - and much more. It provides operators with vehicle make recognition training, links up with the wireless roadside computer tablet for easy recording, and DVLA pre-checks the logged offences before automatically passing the data on to the Police for further processing - or sending letters using DVLA registered vehicle owner data.
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