Police Forces making use of CSW Online are enjoying the peace-of-mind that Speedwatch groups in their areas are managed professionally and to the same high standard across the board.

When working as an extended function of Roads Policing and Safety, in the case of CSW as an educational and intelligence gathering autonomous entity, everyone in the Police chain-of-command must feel fully assured that communities are served efficiently and correctly, and that individual volunteers are supervised and supported to the greatest extent possible.

Once a Police Force are signed up to the CSW Online services, any interested member of the public in their local area prepared to get involved with Speedwatch has access to - amongst many other things: signing-up, creating new groups, online training, session scheduling, offence reporting, site approval procedures, group specific statistics and direct communication with the relevant Police Officers responsible for their area.

On the other side of the application, Police Officers and Administrators have access to a wealth of data, including live information about multiple offenders and vehicles exceeding the speed limits excessively. Data from the groups are processed within the application, compiled against previous records across county borders. Automatic flagging is issued instantly and Letters of Advice prepared for further action in areas where applicable.

CSW Online is not a service to appease communities concerned about speeding but a serious toolbox of functions to address the problems of speeding efficiently and effectively.

For more information, please contact support@communityspeedwatch.org

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