League tables for data received during the past 28 days
Minutes at the Roadside
Benenden  2430min 
Storrington  1470min 
Hastings & Westfiel  1200min 
Wateringbury  1140min 
Etchingham  990min 
Buxted  990min 
Harwich  960min 
Higham  780min 
Hassocks  750min 
Brasted  690min 
Hours standing at the roadside recording offending drivers is the most commendable achievement of all the work being done by CSW groups. Without operators being visible to passing drivers, the connection between receiving a warning letter and the community visibly showing their concern, many offenders would not make the connection and slow down next time they drive through the speedwatch organised area.

Broad Oak, Brede 100%
Hadlow 99%
Etchingham 98%
Buxted 98%
Wateringbury 98%
Boxgrove 98%
Harwich 98%
Crawley 97%
Hastings & Westfiel 97%
Doddington, Sitting 97%
Measuring a group's average accuracy rate is important to maximise the effect of the invested time and efforts put in by volunteers. Training is an ongoing process helping operators improve their skills. However, it is equally important to ascertain that the pairing of team members' skills is optimal in order to correctly obtain the necessary data from passing vehicles exceeding the speed limit.
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