The platform provides Community Speedwatch groups and either Neighbourhood Police or Special Constables with a wide range of management tools to make community involvement with Road Safety policing more efficient.

The application ensures that everyone works to the same high standard and in accordance with the rules set out in the local County Police Speed Policy for Community Speedwatch activity.

CSW Online is designed to only allow its users access to areas of authority according to their role.

The application provides a range of booking and activity calendars; holds group and session details, produces a variety of statistics, but also allows Police Officers access to recorded details of offending vehicles across all affiliated areas. Online mandatory training and approval of operators together with full documentation are a few of the bespoke functions provided by the system.

Furthermore, the CSW Online platform instantly produces a range of feedback notifications and collates stats useful to both the Police and groups detailing case status and live offence rate/volume reports of repeat and excessive speeding, etc. Among many other functions it also keeps tracks of operator accuracy in order to interactively engage practitioners in educational online training to increase their efficiency.

The eLearning area also gives access to e.g. Confrontation Management training, and Police Officers can find training in Site Safety assessment and approval procedures. All concluded training modules produce a downloadable certificate after passing a multiple choice test.
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